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Translation services from Arabic to Italian and from Italian to Arabic- Simultaneous Translations from Arabic to Italian

sworn Arabic translator, translations Arabic Italian Arabic (technical, legal, financial and scientific). Interpreting services and cultural-linguistic mediation. Technical and commercial translations:financial report, contracts; statutes; legal sentences, documents that need to be certified  company documents; economic. Legal Translation Arabic to Italian, Legal Translation Italian to Arabic, Financial translations Arabic to Italian,Interpreting services Arabic to Italian, Translate Arabic to Italian, Translate Italian to Arabic , Translate Arabic Texts to Italian, Translate Italian Texts to Arabic

sworn Arabic translator, translations Arabic Italian Arabic (technical, legal, financial and scientific). Interpreting services and cultural-linguistic mediation. Technical and commercial translations:financial report, contracts; statutes; legal sentences, documents that need to be certified  company documents; economic. Legal Translation Arabic to Italian, Legal Translation Italian to Arabic, Financial translations Arabic to Italian,Interpreting services Arabic to Italian, Translate Arabic to Italian, Translate Italian to Arabic , Translate Arabic Texts to Italian, Translate Italian Texts to Arabic
Professional Italian Arabic Translator Interpreter Since 1996
Dal Nilo was founded by Ossama SALAMA, An Italian citizen and a native speaker of Arabic  (Modern Standard Arabic & most spoken dialects). He has a degree in Italian language and literature, has followed an advanced training course and keep himself up to date with refresher courses.
His many years’ experience (since 1996) in this sector comprises wide-ranging collaboration with institutions, companies, translation agencies and graphic studios in Italy and abroad.
Certified translator and interpreter
Sworn translator for the Court of Padova
Sworn translator for the Chamber of Commerce of Padova
Member of the World Arabic Translators Association
Member of the Arab Professional Translators Society (ATN-APTS)
VAT number: 03807870286
- Complete set of the newest bilingual software (Italian Arabic / English Arabic)
- Specialized Dictionaries & Glossaries
- Ability to travel and work on-site

- Ability to recruitthe services of other translators 
- Full time translator & Interpreter - Available 5 days/week
- Short notice for both translation and interpreting assignments
- Available to travel anywhere in Italy and short business trips to the  Middle East
- I do understand most Arabic spoken dialects (Saudi, Iraqi, Egyptian, Syrian ...etc.) 
- Freelance rates
- Ability to recruit experienced translators for large projects
Experienced in:
  • Legal, technical and general translation italian arabic
  • Software, manuals and web site localization in arabic
  • Arabic language interpreter (most dialects)
  • Desktop Publishing and page layout  arabic source
  • Professional editor/reviewer
  • Arabic culture and traditional  
  • Managing teams of Arabic translators
  • Personal and vital documents
Why do you choose DalNilo for translation?

Our services are characterised by:
- Utmost punctuality, quality, willingness and confidentiality
- Native speaker of Arabic and fluent in Italian
- Various sectors of specialisation
- Delivery of the translated text in Word, PDF and other formats to be agreed upon.
- Computerised working tools and up-to-date technical dictionaries.
- Proofreading of the final text and DTP
- Competitive and transparent rates
- In depth linguistic and cross-culture knowledge.
- Attention to smallest details.
- Qualified and certified professional translation.
Is it a Talent or a Profession?

It is relatively easy to find a translator with lower price, but it it is quite rare to find a translator who is not only a highly educated but also a talented one, a translator who enjoys translation as a passion not only as a profession, a translator who can provide qualitative not only quantitative translation.
Dal Nilo can now count on a team of  professional, native-language translators and a vast and enviable portfolio of customers.
 traduzioni.arabo.Simultanea arabo italiano
we offer translation and interpreting services from Italian to Arabic language by Arabic native speakers with an experience more of ten years in this sector.
The translation service is quick, precise and cheap.
Interpretation (chouchoutage, consecutive and simultaneous), Arabic Italian Arabic.
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 It is becoming increasingly important for you, your company and your employees to be multilingual. However, in order to communicate with people from other countries, it can be difficult to find the proper translators, courses and qualifications to ensure the Arabic Italian English Translation. There are about 280 million people in the world who currently speak Arabic, and more than 1 billion Muslim people know the language. There are a number of official Arabic speaking countries, which include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, Qatar and many others. Many of the countries that officially speak Arabic also offer incredible products and services that are imported and exported around the globe. For you to partake in communication and trade with people who speak Arabic or any other language, it is imperative that you find the proper Arabic Italian English translation service to help you. In so doing, you can improve the image of your company around the world, and increase your customer base because you offer a multilingual website the services their every need. You can also take advantage of all of the Arabic search engines, increasing your website visibility and boost your organic traffic to websites throughout the Arab world. You can also discover new business contacts, cultures and partake of commercial and noncommercial business-to-business and business to customer operations around the globe. There is now an extraordinary website that can allow you to translate to any language, because they offer exemplary Arabic Italian English translation services all in one place. is incredibly easy to use, because it provides you with all the tools you will need to translate languages. This can include scanning, image capturing and text, as well as providing you with programs that support Arabic, which include Word, Excel, Adobe and Dreamweaver. You can also discover an exemplary online encyclopedic dictionary, which is replete with Arabic Italian English translations. This can include grammar, medical terminology, verbs, proverbs, idioms, legal, finance, economy, engineering and so many more vital terms and words to assist you in all of your commercial and business transactions with those who speak Arabic or Italian, and translated into simple English. The best websites will also offer you an incredible number of qualifications and certificates, including Italian language expert from the Arab Chamber of Commerce of Padua, ATN Professional Accredited Stamp Arabic translator, World Association of Arab Translators & Linguists and many more. In this way, you are sure that you are going to learn the proper Arabic Italian English translation for any term, word and sentence. Regardless of what you need to participate in the increasingly popular and highly lucrative Arab market, you can discover specialized translations from Italian to English, English to Arabic, Italian to Arabic and vice versa. Do not hold yourself and your business back because of your inability to speak a foreign language when there are spectacular websites that offer Arabic Italian English translation at an extremely affordable price and with exemplary accreditations and qualifications.

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Technical translations from Arabic to Italian and from Italian to Arabic / Arabic to Italian, Legal translations Arabic Italian – Arabic, Financial translations Italian to Arabic / Arabic to Italian Promotional and Marketing translations Arabic Italian - Arabic Interpreting Arabic Italian: Simultaneous Translations from Arabic to Italian and from Italian to Arabic Simultaneous translation from Arabic to Italian for conferences, for negotiation. Accredited Arabic Italian translator. Simultaneous & Consecutive,